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Why Our Clients Trust Us for Doosan Portable Power Repairs?

Our service shop hosts plenty of Doosan generators, compressors, and light towers but never for long. Our team diagnoses problems efficiently and repairs construction equipment quickly getting them out the door primed and ready to tackle the day’s challenges. As a locally owned and operated company, we understand the challenges contractors face. We do our small part by delivering high-quality Doosan Repairs and carry a large number of parts and components for our Southern Ontario customers.

We Offer Repairs to All of Doosan’s Portable Power’s Quality Products

One of the reasons we are so qualified to deliver repairs on Doosan Portable Power products is our status as a dealer. We understand the complexity of air compressors and how each component can impact how the equipment functions. Our team has brought thousands of Doosan Portable Power equipment back to life so that they can do the job quickly and without downtime. Where Quality Matters!

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Doosan Portable Power Light Towers

Doosan provides our clients with a line of portable light towers that are built to deliver unrivaled quality. With professional-grade reliability and durability, Doosan’s LED and Balloon light towers are sure to meet all your illumination needs no matter the project at hand. These high-end light towers are ideal for road and bridge construction, emergency and disaster relief, general construction, and oil and gas work – many of our clients even utilize Doosan light towers for special events. Contact BEC Equipment today to get the portable, high-end products you need to complete your next off-highway job with ease.

Doosan Portable Power Generators

As one of the most trusted names in Portable power, Doosan has made sure its lineup of portable generators is the easiest to use on the market. Here at BEC Equipment, we don’t want your job to ever be harder than it needs to be. From 25 kVA to 570 kVA, Doosan portable generators supply the power you need at the touch of a button. With user-friendly control panels, you can set your generator and then leave it with no worry!

Doosan Portable Power Air Compressors

Doosan offers the widest selection of air compressors on the market to match a full range of applications. From 185 to 1600 CFM at 100 to 500 PSI, we have the right equipment for you! These robust and highly versatile Doosan compressors are thoroughly tested for safety and to ensure they can perform in even the harshest of conditions. Doosan air compressors are our client’s premier choice for their portability and proven performance.

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