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Discover Why Our Clients Trust Us for Doosan Portable Power Repairs

BEC Equipment’s facility includes over 30,000 square feet of space, sophisticated diagnostic equipment, and a team of dedicated and certified technicians. Inside it, our clients find an environment that emphasizes customer satisfaction and prioritizes thorough service. Our warehouse hosts plenty of Doosan generators, gas compressors, and light towers but never for long. Our team diagnoses problems efficiently and repairs construction equipment quickly getting them out the door primed and ready to tackle the day’s challenges. As a locally-owned and operated company, we understand the challenges contractors face. We do our small part by delivering high-quality Doosan Repairs to our Southern Ontario customers. Contact us today if you think something is wrong. We can help.


We Strongly Emphasize Customer Service at Bec Equipment

We have a glowing reputation for delivering on our promise of superior customer service. We do so by leaving no stone unturned as we troubleshoottinker and run diagnostics on equipment. We build on our legacy by offering our esteemed repairs at affordable prices. And our objective of helping customers grow their business is a big reason why they keep coming back. We are partners, not a one-time repair company. Since 1991, our team has brought thousands of Doosan Portable Power construction equipment back to life so that they can do the job quickly and without downtime heavy lifting on the job site. We are proud of our legacy, and we work hard to maintain and grow it.

We Offer Repairs to All of Doosan’s Portable Power’s Quality Products

Doosan Portable Power is a well-respected manufacturer of off-highway construction equipment. While we are confident in their products’ superior quality, no piece of machinery is immune to breaking. We are here when you need a quick but thorough repair fix. We understand the complexity of gas and air compressors and how each component can impact how the equipment functions. We know how to get to the bottom of problems with Doosan’s line of light towers and compaction equipment. Doosan has a wide-ranging line of generators, and we know the differences and specifications of each one.

We Offer High-Quality Repairs in Record Times

One of the reasons we are so qualified to deliver repairs on Doosan Portable Power products is our status as a dealer. We need to understand these machines to sell and repaired them. Our ability to repair them and bring them back to life stems from our familiarity with each product. No matter the problem, there’s a strong chance our team has seen it before, which allows them to fix the problem promptly. While we would never sacrifice a quality repair job for speediness, we are proud of our response times. Learn why we offer the best combination of speed and quality by contacting us today.

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