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We Provide Outstanding Off-Highway Drivetrain Repairs and More

The equipment that excavates earth, lifting products, etc., does the hard work and may have failures. When it does, they require fast and reliable repairs to meet deadlines and satisfy their clients. Our technicians have years of experience and maintain certifications to work on various makes and models. We are proud of our reputation for superior customer service, full-service repairs, on-site services, and extensive drivetrain repairs to Engines, Converters, Transmissions, Differentials, and Planetary Drive Axles.

Off-Highway Drivetrain Repairs You Can Count On

Just like automobiles, off-highway equipment drivetrain contains a complicated arrangement of parts. Our technicians carefully disassemble, wash, and inspect each part, and if any part that does not comply with OEM specs are quoted and replaced. For each unit, a cause of Failure report is done to assist in identifying any other issues on the machine. When testing our qualified technician’s records and reports all testing data and insurer’s it meets or exceeds original equipment specifications. Our Transadyne Edect 2000 test stand has a speed control from 0 to 4,000 rpm, up to 1,500 ft. lbs load torque, full power downshifts, electronically controlled, and simulates in machine operations and all means “ NO DOWNTIME “.

When our technician rebuilds your transmission, there’s no fear of a defective replacement unit. And because it is rebuilt using the original unit by an on-site expert technician, you know it’s right!

We will completely disassemble your transmission, rebuild it with quality parts, thoroughly clean and inspect your transmission’s internal and external components, reinstall your transmission, refill the fluid, make any external adjustments and road test to ensure all of the problems you noticed prior to service are corrected.

You get peace of mind that your transmission has been rebuilt to exacting quality standards and backed with a nationwide warranty







Dyno testing our ZF transmission (Telehandler Application)

This unit will be in stock on our rebuilt exchange program.
We have drivetrain components in exchange for much different Off-Highway Equipment.
Looking forward to our inquiries.

Testing a rebuilt
Dana-Spicer Trans
Dana-Spicer trans
Dyno Testing
Rebuilt Units

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